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A New Beginning Enables A Different Ending

Employable Job Skills - Steady Work Opportunities – Reliable and Secure Housing – Personal Support

These four keys are critical in transitioning an individual living on the street to becoming an engaged, contributing and participating member of our community.  Toward these ends, we are proud to share our – and more importantly – THEIR progress:

35 homeless individuals off the street - saving more than $1,260,000 in community services! 

While the saying "it takes a village" can be percieved as trite, in truth a collaborative venture can increase the effectiveness of getting individuals off the street and into sustainable jobs, safe and secure housing and a significantly increased quality of life!

Such is the partnership of the Going Home Coalition.  Each member plays a vital role in dealing with all aspects of homelessness.

Employable Job Skills - Steady Work Opportunities

The STARS (Success Training and Retention Services) provides a 4-week / Monday - Friday course on job training, employment and interview skills, rebuilding self-esteem, goal setting and achievement.  Each member of the class receives intensive counseling and support from social service agencies.  Located in the Resource Center, participants are provided breakfast and lunch, access to laundry and shower facilities, help with clothing for job interviews and priority access to housing.  

Future plans for the Resource Center include a Culinary Institute, vocational rehabilitation services, as well as additional training programs in manufacturing and 3D printing.


Reliable and Secure Housing 


Rehab of Tiemen Village:  With much of the construction work done by homeless workers, the first phase is now complete and formerly homeless clients are now living there.  The SVdP Thrift Store and SVdP at St. Cecelia Catholic Church in Clearwater has provided substantial assistance in setting up and furnishing our clients’ new homes.


Personal Support  


Living on the street can be traumatic even for the strongest of individuals, and the transition from homelessness into a new job and a new home involves significant change. Success is not guaranteed,  and emotional and psychological support is a critical component to facilitate that transition.  Fresh Start Mentoring, Inc. has recruited and trained volunteers from the Going Home Coalition to work with STARS clients prior to graduation.  SVdP Community Kitchen and Resource Center volunteers work diligently to provide leadership and to ensure ongoing communication and progress with this effort.

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