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Go to the poor, you will find God. 
St. Vincent de Paul

They come

from all walks of life,

from all ages and stages . . .

Born into poverty, a few bad decisions,

a job loss or furlough, a family torn apart, 

the death of a breadwinner, a substance abuse problem or mental illness or unexpected expenses.


Regardless of their journey, they arrive daily at

St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen and

Resource Center. They come for nourishment,

for solace, for hope, for human dignity and, perhaps . . .

for a second chance.

Serving Food

We serve more than 135 individuals daily, 365 days a year, at a cost of about $3 per person. 88% of your donation goes directly for food and client services. 

With our partnerships, 35 people are off our streets, working and housed; saving more than $1,260,000 in community resources.


Every day, 365 days a year volunteers show up to serve!  More than 80 individuals donate their time - just a few hours weekly - in a variety of positions.  

Their generosity means that we can provide the care and support to give a "Way Home" out of being homeless.  

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We are a volunteer-led organization whose goal is to serve those in need with solace, meals and human services in an environment that fosters self-sufficiency.

Our core values reflect our spiritual mission of serving our community: 

  1. Volunteer Service and Fellowship

  2. Community Connections, 

  3. Stewardship and Organizational Integrity

  4. Dedicated to the Rule of St. Vincent de Paul

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