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Donating Dollars Will Make "Change"

Making "Change"   With Only $1.00 

We take great pride in maximizing our resources in service to our neighbors.

A team of more than 100 hard-working volunteers along with

generous support from individuals, community organizations and companies,

we can prepare and provide a full meal for

roughly $3 per person.

With your donation, a person is given a life-sustaining meal for one day: 

one more day of a full stomach, one more day for clean clothes, a shave, a warm shower. 

One more day for hope for a different tomorrow! 

Hope for today, recognition for tomorrows:

We also fill our Chapel walls with the following plaques as a remembrance

of your generosity for our guests to note your commitment, as requested.  

$100 Donation.jpg
Brick Nameplate - $100
Spirit of St. Vincent - $1,000
(One week of meals)
$1,000 Donation.jpg
$750 Donation.jpg
Prayer Placque
$250 - 1  1/2 Days of Meals
$500 - 3 1/3 Days of Meals
$750 - 5 Days of Meals

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

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