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 Serving Through COVID-19:

Protecting those we serve and those who serve

For the safety of our clients, volunteers, associates and our community's health overall and to comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Florida government guidelines,  SVdP Community Kitchen has incorporated new policies and processes:

We continue to serve a full meal 7 days a week, though the dining room is closed.

Our clients enter the building (no more than 10 at a time) to pick up a box lunch.

(Still a full meal with protein and vegatables.) 

Included in the meal is plastic utensils, a sanitizer wet wipe and a 4oz. juice box.


Increased Expenses

Adapting to our current environment has put additional strains on our resources:

Creating a "to-go" product doubles our cost per meal:

It adds $1.21 to our VERY meager $1.18 actual food cost. 

We are looking at EVERY avenue for support to offset these additional costs and are MOST grateful for any and all support you can provide. 

In this time of need, let's take to heart the lessons Jesus taught us:

"For I was hungry and you gave Me food" - Matthew 25:35 

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